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The company

At Veracity Capital (VC), they are dissatisfied with the parameters that others define as excellent. They are the continuous search for new objectives, they are flexible and adapt to an increasingly turbulent and dynamic environment. They are at the forefront of new tools applied to investment.

Their flag is ethics and being fair to their environment, as they are the essence of many years of joint experience, made available in global and emerging financial markets.

Transparency, trust and professional level forge their values, such that our main partners are entrepreneurs and professionals who have a certain background, a high level of professionalism and a great deal of experience in investments.

Audited projects, qualified professionals and technology support the new revolution in the financial world, whose reliability and quality depend on its technical characteristics and its own technology. Entering the markets is not within everyone’s reach, which is why they implement the knowledge of a group of professionals who will adapt solutions to manage investments within the multicarrier.

VC is an investment company constituted by all members. The capital contributed will be allocated, according to an expert committee, to invest it in the successful model that has led them to propose this project as a profitable reality.

´Juan José Muñoz - CEO Veracity Capital


Investing in different options
Investing in different investment options and redistributing their positions at any time.

Better profit expectations
Opt for the best profitability expectations of the variable income, since the portfolios are managed by highly qualified advisors.

Minimum initial premium from USD 100 Amount
You can acquire shares from an initial premium of USD 100 for “A” type shares, USD 1,000 for “B” type shares, USD 10,000 for “C” type shares.

More than 60% annual return Profitability
This product offers a return linked to the evolution of the assets in which each of the investment options invests.

Private Dashboard
Access to a private dashboard to verify the benefits obtained in the multicarrier

Withdrawal of benefits
Our investors will be able to withdraw commissions, immediately, and benefits every beginning of the month.

Optimal taxation
Our investors will obtain the necessary tax information to make the tax declaration if they so consider.

Capital protection
If requested by the client, VC will repurchase the shares for the same initial value within the legal period established between the parties.

Veracity Capital - Objectives

What Veracity Capital offer?

Annual profitability of 60 to 240% on investments made

Risk management: Trading, Venture Capital, diversification

Profitable model with multi-portfolio investment

Exclusive Affiliate Program

Why Veracity Caìtal is different?

New markets and projects

Real estate promotions, film productions, crypto fund

Return of the initial capital

The deposited capital can be recovered at any time

No earning caps

Never worry about exceeding earning limits!

Business presentation

In the following video you can see a business presentation and how you can obtain interesting returns and additional commissions by being part of Veracity Capital.

Step 1: Registration

The registration process in Veracity Capital is very simple. Follow the following instructions and press the next button.

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Step 2: First deposit

The process to make your first deposit at Veracity Capital is very easy. Follow the instructions in the video carefully.

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